March 3, 1919: Olive Thomas pictorial in Picture-Play Magazine

On the April Issue of Picture-Play Magazine, there was a pictorial of Olive Thomas, with the following photographs from Ira L. Hill:

Olive Thomas in a Chinese costume in 1919.
OLIVE THOMAS appears in this costume to prove that she’s not always herself, especially when she’s Chinese. True enough, she has never been any nearer the Orient than California, where she is playing the «baby vamp» in the screen version of «Upstairs and Down,» a play of Long Island society life. She is hoping that some one will give a fancy- dress ball while she’s on the coast, so that she can wear this costume in public.

OLIVE THOMAS again — but we have a good reason! With winter just about to make way for his dainty successor, we couldn’t resist the temptation to show Olive greeting spring in the garb of her own country, as well as that of the Far East. Surely in this picture Olive doesn’t need the cherry blossoms which she holds across the page to let every- body know that daffodils have come even to the sidewalks of New York.