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Primary Occupation Visa Que Poner?

Your primary occupation means the job you have experience in (within the last ten years) and want to base your immigration application on, if you are invited to apply.

What should I fill in primary occupation in DS 160?

Your primary occupation. If your wife has been employed as a homemaker and has not worked outside of the home, then the proper answer is “homemaker.” However, if she is working outside of the home, even part-time, then that employment should be listed on the form.

What should I fill in primary occupation in the DS 160 form if I am unemployed for a year after graduation What should I specify in the description?

Primary occupation is your degree title. The degree you use for the job on h1b application. For example, my graduation is engineering /computer sciences which is the degree used for the job as it’s in IT so I will select computer programmer or computer engineering from the options.

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What to write in occupation if you are unemployed?

  1. If you are unemployed you need to write “unemployed” in that section.
  2. If you are a student than its not a problem.
  3. Remember, you need to provide proof of whatever you write in that section.

How long does DS-160 last?

If you have your application ID, your DS-160 will stay active in draft form for 30 days.

Do I need i20 to fill DS-160?

Which Documents Will I Need to Complete My DS-160? The most important document to have is your Form I-20, the Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status. An I-20 is provided by the Designated School Official (DSO) when an international student gets accepted into a program.

What is the meaning of primary occupation?

In this study a primary occupation broadly refers to the kind of work a person does for pay most of the time. More specifically, the term is used to describe the occupation corresponding with a person’s primary job.

How can I update my DS-160 after visa appointment?

Correction of the DS160 confirmation number after you have scheduled an appointment is available until two business days before your visa interview. To correct the number, please log in to your profile, and select “Update profile” or contact the call center for assistance.

Can DS-160 location different appointment?

Guidelines for Completing the Form DS-160

The interview Embassy/Consulate you select at the beginning of the Form DS-160 can be different from the Embassy/Consulate where you schedule your interview appointment.

What should I write under occupation?

And your opening paragraph should introduce yourself. Explain why you’re applying for the job, including your excitement for the position and how the job aligns with your career goals. Be sure to include the job title, the company’s name, and what specifically draws you to the company. Here’s an example.

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Do I have to put my occupation on my passport?

It’s unnecessary to include employer and occupation though historically a passport holders occupation was included in a passport as was weight height hair and eye colour but never employer.

What is your occupation example?

Occupation definition

Occupation is your job or the way you spend your time or one country maintaining a military presence in another. An example of occupation is when you are a doctor or a lawyer. An example of occupation is when the United States maintains military troops in Iraq to keep control and order.

Can I submit DS-160 after 30 days?

Making Corrections If You Submitted Form DS-160 More Than 30 Days Ago. If more than 30 days have gone by since you submitted the application with the mistake on it, you can upload that application back into CEAC, if you saved it on to your computer or other storage device.

How much is DS-160 fee?

There is no fee for filing Form DS-160. You will still have to pay the fees for the specific visa for which you’re applying, though. For most non-petition-based nonimmigrant visas, such as tourist, business or TN visas, the fee is $160. For petition-based visas, the fee is typically $190.

Can I change visa interview location after payment?

Can I book US Visa interview in different US embassy? You can change the US embassy or choose a different city for your US visa interview after filling DS-160 without changing or filing a new DS160 visa application form. The new US consulate that you choose should be within the same country.

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What does primary occupation mean in a US visa application?

What does primary occupation mean in a US visa application? What is your main job, not the company, but what you do there, is your primary occupation. They don’t want to know about your side jobs in this question.

What is my primary occupation on Form DS-160?

3 I assume you are filing DS-160 Your primary occupation is being a full-time student. If there is a field for explanation, please provide an additional explanation over there. Alternatively, you can select ‘Other’ and provide full explanation. Share Improve this answer Follow answered Mar 15 ’17 at 15:45

What is the primary occupation of a person?

Just note that you need to be careful while selecting the primary occupation. Primary occupation means the Vocation or Trade or Profession that you were trained or attended schooling or currently working on.

What do you mean by occupation?

This means your job or other primary daily activity. Please be specific in describing your occupation: e.g. software engineer, trader in chemicals, manager in travel company, MD of pharmaceutical company.