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Visa Cancelled Without Prejudice Que Significa?

“Cancelled Without Prejudice” is an embassy or consulate stamp of cancellation that indicates an administrative mistake in the visa. It sometimes indicates that there is a mistake in the visa or that the visa is a duplicate. It does not affect the validity of other visas in the passport and does not prejudice future visa applications.

What does it mean when a visa is cancelled?

A visa can be ‘CANCELLED WITHOUT PREJUDICE’ or ‘CANCELLED WITH PREJUDICE’. An example of ‘CANCELLED WITH PREJUDICE’ is when you had a valid visa but you did something that led to the visa being cancelled – overstay, being involved in criminal activity, etc.

Do I need to indicate cancelled without prejudice in DS-160?

Do I need to indicate Cancelled without Prejudice in DS-160 as Visa Rejected or Denied? No, your visa was not denied or rejected by visa officer, if they put stamp that says “cancelled without prejudice”. You do not have to indicate anything on the DS-160 form during US visa application process.

How do I cancel my H1B visa without prejudice?

If you are going for an H1B visa interview and you currently have a valid H1B stamp in your passport, then the visa officer can cancel your current visa with annotation “Cancelled without Prejudice” as they are going to issue you a brand new H1B stamp. The duplicate visa stamp is what will be marked as cancelled.